Beyond The Clouds feat Maurice Fulton, Dj Deep, Actress + Hunee

  • Join us on Saturday 10th March for the next instalment of Beyond The Clouds - a joint project brought to you by Corsica Studios and the promoters of Süd Electronic, Bodyhammer and TOTHEBONE. It's a series of fantasy dance nights celebrating the earliest, rawest incarnation of house music and featuring line-ups we've dreamed of for years. Our fourth party features our most cosmopolitan line-up yet; taking in Paris, Baltimore, Berlin and London... DJ Deep Owner of Deeply Rooted, former Rex Club resident and obsessive record collector, Deep is a DJ's DJ. He'll be drawing on 25 years of crippling vinyl addiction to play you 3 hours of Detroit and Chicago records you should have heard before but haven't. Maurice Fulton Maurice Fulton has one of the most distinctive voices in modern dance music. He's produced a slew of un-pigeonhole-able bangers for labels like Warp, Nuphonic and DFA. He's also one of the tightest, most accomplished disco DJs you'll ever hear. Actress It's hard to describe Actress's music. A few people have said he sounds like Shake. But more people say he sounds like nothing else at all. His productions for Honest Jon's, Prime Numbers and Nonplus consistently surprise and delight and his DJ sets take in everything from disco to techno to hardcore. Prepare to be amazed. Hunee Since releasing his debut EP, Tour De Force, in 2009, Hunee's reputation - as producer and DJ - has gone from strength to strength. He's put out standout tracks on Rush Hour, Ostgut Ton and Future Times and jacked dancefloors across the world mixing house and disco jams with metronomic precision. He also owns one of the raunchiest wiggles in DJ history. Hometown support comes from BTC residents ? Lakuti, Joe Hart, Rik Moran and Charlie & Dave TTB.
  • Beyond The Clouds feat Maurice Fulton, Dj Deep, Actress + Hunee - Flyer front