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  • Gaiser presents VOID No Sudden Movements available as MINUS115 in following formats ... CD, WAV, MP3 This event with Jon Gaiser will be closing party for Matthew Hawtin's solo art exhibition which takes place at the Red Gallery London from Thursday 2nd February 2012. Perhaps better known for the explosive techno of his recent Minus releases, Jon Gaiser turns his attention to exploring inner dimensions through his new VOID guise. Stepping away from the dancefloor to present the debut Void album 'No Sudden Movements', the new project finds Gaiser in a mode unfamiliar to those who've come to know him as the manufacturer of incendiary EPs such as Some Slip and Unstable Witness. The LP traverses ambient soundscapes and downtempo rhythms, seeking warmth from a sparser, gentler sound as the cold European winter of Gaiser's adopted hometown Berlin approaches, whilst still remaining committed to the perfection & attention to production detail that has characterized his work as one of the most accomplished & distinctive electronic music producers working today. Can you explain how and when the Void project same together? Jon Gaiser: I've been working on the Void project on and off for about 2 years now. A lot of the ideas and feeling behind this project come from experimentation with sounds and production process and also the urge to create something that is easy to listen to, while at the same time having hidden complexity. A lot of the material was recorded during the dark, colder months in Berlin, when it was most inspiring to create something that was bleak by nature and sparse by composition, but using warm sounds to off-balance and provide an escape. That is also the reason why I think this album is perfect for the colder months. How does the approach to Void differ from how you work on your more dancefloor-focused productions? Jon Gaiser: When I'm in the studio, most ideas technically begin the in the same way... with experimentation of different sounds. It is depending on the feeling and atmosphere of the sound that I start with that will guide the rest of the production to bring it to the final outcome. It's all directly connected to my mood that I have at that moment. Whatever mood I'm in will direct to me hear the things that should be there, or not be there, and what should happen next. If I'm feeling slow and relaxed I usually won't end up with a techno track at the end of the day. Jon Gaiser: The most difficult aspect of performing the Void material live is that the tempos are all over the place. It's not like doing a normal live set with material that has similar tempos and can be integrated and mixed easily. Performing this way is more like telling a story then it is just developing a continuous mix of ups and downs. There will be some moments of atmosphere, some moments of melody, and some moments where it all comes together. Void - 'No Sudden Movements' ... released on Minus in December 2011.
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