Secretsundaze Easter Thursday

  • After what was without doubt one of our best ever seasons last year - the 10th year and a decade of secretsundaze parties we are very happy to announce details of our first party of 2012. Taking over long time favourite venue Village Underground on Easter Thursday 5th April we have put together a great line up that very much reflects some of the best music out there. Headlining the party we are super happy to invite back one of the most respected and consistent artists in the deep house / deep techno realms Lawrence (Dial). Quite apart from his excellent DJ skills, impeccable selection and smooth set programming Lawrence is also revered because of his all round long term contribution to underground dance music and uncompromising approach. He is involved in not one but 3 excellent labels of the very highest calibre Dial, Smallville and most recently Laid. Dial the flagship label is the home to some of the most divine, heavenly music out there with a roster of artists that include Efdemin, John Roberts, Pantha Du Prince and Pigon. His own music is always extremely classy taking influence from the Chicago and Detroit styles he holds dearly but twisting them into a new aesthetic that finishes up as something quite different. He has also produced music for revered labels such as DJ Koze's Pampa and Japan's Mule Music. Last year his he was given the huge honour and accolade of mixing a Cocoon compilation called "Timeless". There is simply none other better way to sum up Lawrence and his enduring appeal! Our second guest making a return is Chicago born Tevo Howard - Live who will bringing his heavy case of analogue gear over for the night. Tevo has been making music for years and DJing since 1987 but it was only when his label "Beautiful Granville" arrived on the scene in 2008/2009 with a spate of dyed in the wool classics such as "Everyday House Music" that his gospel was spread. His sound which pays heavy tribute to trax and the Chicago sound is all firing drum machines - 808's, 909's and 101's but they also have a beautiful melancholy feel that without doubt tug on the heart strings. Some of his most well known tracks have incorporated vocals by none other than his father Rick "Poppa" Howard and Tracy Thorne from Everything But The Girl. He has also released on the mighty Rush Hour, Permanent Vacation and is now focussing on his newest imprint Tevo Howard Recordings. Check out his brand new EP "The Drapes in The Living Room" on Thug records for a fine example of his work. The cut below is taken from this EP. Our last guest comes in the shape of October (Skudge, TAANSTAFL). Hailing from Bristol October has come to prominence of late with his excellent DJ skills and records on the likes of Skudge, Tectonic and his new TAANSTAFL label co-run with John Osborn. His sound is very much a unique amalgamation of house, techno, dub and bass which is of course very much reflected in his hometowns roots. He has also collaborated with the excellent Appleblim on an EP "NY Fizzzz". He guested for us at at The Secret Agency night at Fabric hugely impressing us with his selection and skills and we think his star is firmly on the ascendance with more records lined up for Skudge, TAANSTAFL and also for Will Saul's soon to re-launched Simple records and his focus on constantly developing and honing his craft in the studio. Of course our residents Giles Smith and James Priestley will as ever be on hand to guide you throughout the night. Giles in the last weeks has hit Room 1 of Fabric with Radio Slave and Nina Kraviz and Italy last weekend and Part 1 of his debut LP "Golden Age Thinking" from his Two Armadillos moniker has been making waves with Parts 2 and 3 on the horizon. James recently stepped in for Efdemin at Downlo in Sheffield And is looking forward to solo gigs at Kater Holzig (Berlin) & Alchemy @ Vicous (Rome) at Serendipity (Perugia) in next few weeks. He is also readying his first release of original studio material since 2008 on secretsundaze. The secretsundaze tour bus is getting warmed up with gigs already confirmed in 2012 in Robert Johnson (Frankfurt), Trouw (Amsterdam), Cielo (NYC), Sublevel (LA), Stop Making Sense Festival (Croatia), Bestival and not forgetting the launch of a new Sunday party in Manchester, The Cartel later this month on the 26th. All in all this promises to be another unmissable party from secretsundaze who are as intent as ever in keepin it real right in 2012! Early bird tickets are on sale now at just £12.50. get to it! Love secretsundaze xx
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