Lets Get Digital with Jon O'Bir 'music Database Album Tour'

  • LETS GET DIGITAL SATURDAY 3RD MARCH @ LAMP JON O'BIR - MUSIC DATABASE ALBUM TOUR With support from: Mad Mikki Bongo and Ian Wood (Nu-Passion Coalville) Stu Rush and Luke Gooding (LGD / The Howard) Visuals & Lighting by Electrolite JON O'BIR Jon's life changed back in September 2002 when he won a DJ competition for Passion and M8 magazine, beating 300 other aspiring DJ's. Godskitchen soon offered Jon a residency and the prospect of a fledging career as Britain's next DJ sensation. Playing at Air and other huge Godskitchen events, such as Global Gathering, other clubs and other big events soon filled up Jon's diary, these included Homelands, Gatecrasher, Slinky and international venues in U.S.A, Asia and Europe 2011 see's Jon release his second artist album "Music Database" and with him still only in his mid 20's the future looks very promising for this talented act. Quotes Armin van Buuren: "I've been impressed with Jon's recent production work as Aira Force and his A&R work for conspiracy. The man is clearly on a mission to push his own unique trance sound. He's still young and has already established his name with the trance elite. Paul van Dyk: "Jon O'Bir is without doubt one of the most exciting producers in the world today. A major up & coming talent that has developed within the shortest time through his highly acclaimed, cutting-edge productions and sets into a leader of next generations DJs and producers. His music is on the spot with warm, beautiful and captivating melodies, reflecting his passion and enthusiasm for electronic dance music. WWW.JONOBIR.COM - WWW.INFINITYRECORDS.CO.UK FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/events/303804379655213/ CHECK OUT THE FREE LGD PODCAST DOWNLOAD ITUNES http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/lets-get-digital-trance-progressive/id357359592 DONT USE ITUNES ? USE LINK BELOW http://colinbrusby.podbean.com/
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