Zukunft with Averos Live

  • To start with, we wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2012! Let's do not ponder about the past but concentrate on the Zukunft because this is the time to come. To give you a head start to this brand new year, we invite the Copenhagen based duo AVEROS to carry you with airy melodies into 2012. As a longtime friend and talented producer himself, Herne, from Rumania, will give us the pleasure to prepare the ground for his Danish friends with a dive into atmospheric and yet stormy tunes. Fady One, Djofrombrussels and our beloved friend Namissy will complete this sonoric experience with their personal New Year's sets. As always, you can nibble on sandwiches and cakes freshly prepared by "La Cuisine Honnête" all night long. Die Zukunft Familie AVEROS live [Farver - Origami Sound] http://soundcloud.com/averos HERNE live [Origami Sound] http://soundcloud.com/herne Namissy http://soundcloud.com/namissy Fady One http://soundcloud.com/fady-one Djofrombrussels http://soundcloud.com/djofrombrussels-1 Magic Mirrors [Tour & Taxis] Avenue du port Havenlaan, 86 1000 Bruxelles Metro Yser Supervised Parking 10pm - 05am! Entrance: 8 €/ free before 11pm. Food: "la cuisine honnête" from Gent www.lacuisinehonnete.com Artwork: Barbara Costa [Lisbon] http://cargocollective.com/barbaramacaescosta Graphic design: Diogo Ramalho http://facebook.com/diogo.ramalho AVEROS Averos is a duo composed of Natal Zaks and Theodor Clausen. Averos is balancing on the fine line between melodic techno and electronica without trying to define it's own niche. (by Trailerpark Festival): Cut-up vocals, understated bass lines and thumping beats are the basic elements of a gloomy and melancholic, yet airy and refreshing universe. Signed on Natal’s own record company, Farver music and with only 20 years behind them, the future is open for the talented duo. http://soundcloud.com/averos HERNE Herne (finnish for Pea) is a 20something years old musical enthusiast and explorer that aims to fill in the imaginary gap between DJing and producing by not doing either of them. His live sets are track selection based journeys through a huge variety of genre-obsolete sounds without settling on any particular one. He uses the songs as producers do samples to build what he considers to be "a several hours long track based on a theme" filled with surprising mash-ups and tracks one might not hear anywhere else. http://soundcloud.com/herne
  • Zukunft with Averos Live - Flyer front
    Zukunft with Averos Live - Flyer back