Lovelife presents Masquerade with Tale Of Us

  • Ticket includes: 25% Food until 10pm Hosted Bar for Ticket Holders - 9-10pm With a bright and beautiful new year before us, we are proud to present Masquerade with Tale of Us. This Italian duo has been in non-stop demand since their full debut album on Visionquest in the Spring of 2011 and are famed for evoking deep emotion from their dance floors during DJ sets. This is the first San Diego visit from Tale of Us so we know the vibe will be extra sexy. Break out those masks Lovers and prepare for a night of lascivious* behavior. SPREAD the ♥ lascivious [ləˈsɪvɪəs] adj 1. exciting sexual desire T A L E ♥f U S [Life and Death, Visionquest | Italy] FB - RA - TW - For table reservations contact the gorgeous Jenn Dolainski: [email protected] For more Lovelife party info, upcoming events, photos, and videos become a Lovelife fan!! Follow us on Twitter @Lovelife_party
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