One Last Underground Quality Label Party

  • Venue
    • Heidestrasse 14; Mitte; 10557 Berlin; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Jan 201223:55 - late
  • Attending
    • 191
  • STOP PRESS!! WE CAN NOW ANNOUNCE THAT LEVON VINCENT AND NINA KRAVIZ HAVE BEEN ADDED TO OUR ALREADY AMAZING LINE-UP!!!! Underground Quality is having "ONE LAST UNDERGROUND QUALITY LABEL NIGHT AT TAPE" in Berlin!! That's right! Before Tape closes its doors for the last time, Bridgeport, Connecticut's Underground Quality label is showcasing TWELVE of its artists in one absolutely show-stopping evening! Aside from DJ Jus-Ed and Fred P, this is the first time the majority of the line-up has played a UQ event! For many of them as well, it is the first time that they've played in Berlin. This is quite the international event with artists coming from places such as Malta, England, Denmark, and the USA! 23:55 to LATE Ticket price: €10 (GUEST-LIST IS NOW CLOSED, but there is a way to get in for FREE! We are doing an in-store at Hardwax on 26 Jan Thurs from 5pm to close. At this in-store we will be selling limited edition t-shirts for the party. The shirts will be 25 Euros and you can get FREE ENTRY to our party at Tape if you buy a shirt there and then WEAR IT TO THE PARTY. Sounds like a good deal, yeah? We have 60 shirts for sale in both men AND women's styles ... whatever isn't sold at Hardwax will be on-sale at the party at Tape the next evening. More info on Hardwax and the in-store can be found here: ) The full line-up is below: DJ Jus-Ed (USA) Fred P (USA) Juniper (UK) 2400 Operator (Denmark) Smallpeople (Germany) Owen Jay (Malta) Marco Nega (Germany) BLM (UK) Esteban Adame (USA) - with an EXCLUSIVE LIVE PERFORMANCE performing UQ - 038 "I'll Never Give Up" & A VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST THAT'S TOO HOT TO ANNOUNCE YET! Here's what DJ Jus-Ed had to say about this night and the ethos of his label: "I'm doing this party to say "Thank you" to Tape for believing in the larger underground house community. Not just Underground Quality! This is also for Germany, and the rest of Europe, for all of the support they have shown. This will be the last time that UQ will ever have a chance to do this type of event. One of the label's main principles has always been to introduce quality new underground DJs and producers. I, Edward McKeithen, have built healthy and enduring relationships with the whole UQ crew. It's not just about their releases and life stories. It's spirit driven as well. Over the years I have been swamped with people who thought they could just emulate a formula that they read in interviews, and I would just put their music out like that - hahaha! That's not how it works! Each artist on the label is someone that I've met and started working with organically. The other function and purpose of UQ is to set people up to continue releasing their own music independently, and starting their own labels, with the hope that they too will bring some more talent to the scene. The scene died around the USA a bit after 9-11; it was like a forest fire that burnt everything. So instead of complaining, I decided to do what nature does after a fire and re-grow. UQ has been helping the house scene around the world, introducing great music to larger audiences since 2006! Since I was a child, I was taught to focus on all sorts of music that led up to the styles of music I am active in now. I was especially taught to listen to the underground music scene, as it is a major building block for all forms of music. Underground house is what primary colours are to a rainbow! Besides this though, the underground scene is pure and straight from the heart. It reeks of emotion and is fully and wholly alive. We all know producers that make music so great and powerful that you cannot ever forget it after you hear it. I want to be remembered as a black man that loved God, his family, people, house music, and LIFE! Someone that helped in keeping underground house music alive. So, let's DO this party and DO it RIGHT!" Check our Soundcloud for weekly promotional mixes by the artists playing leading up to the event! Link is below...
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