Ctm.12 Random Noize Musick Matinee: Cristian Vogel, Oval, Thomas Fehlmann

  • Ephemeral, free-floating moments against a backdrop of deep sound and profound analog release – on the closing day of the Festival, in time-honored morning coffee tradition, the Shitkatapult crew invites us to a matinée gig at .HBC. Together with video artists Transforma, Shrubbn!! present their new album Echos, a simultaneously gripping yet dreamy sound film painted with bass, buzz and susurrus, rich in textured images, crystalline forms and shimmering steely refractions, for the very first time. In contrast, the new ambient noise set from Cristian Vogel delivers dark precision in the measured tones of idiosyncratic arrangements, whereas the sample-based work of CTM co-founder Marc Weiser – one of the Festival’s more frequent guests over the last decade under his Rechenzentrum alias – leans more towards the organic mutability of seethe and bubble. Tonal miniatures from Oval frame the concerts presented at this special matinée, which is kicked off by Thomas Fehlmann on the decks. SHRUBBN!! (DE) Ulli Bomans (aka Schieres) and Marco Haas (aka T.Raumschmiere) founded their Shrubbn!! project over ten years ago, even before Haas created his soon to be famous Shitkatapult label in 1998. The aim behind Shrubbn!! is to pursue the simple pleasure of making filthy but swinging freeform electronic noise improvisations. » shrubbn.com CRISTIAN VOGEL (UK) Cristian Vogel is an anti-trendsetter and free spirit in the techno realm, whose undoubtedly huge influence on the techno scene mostly leaves him cold. His straight-up, rigid and gritty brand of techno has always pursued its own idiosyncratic path. An intense pleasure in laconic concepts, sound machines, tonal experimentation, strict arrangements, and constructions of unfailingly pernickety precision permeate his various projects. » no-future.com OVAL (DE) For years, Markus Popp aka Oval has ranked among the most prolific and renowned producers of contemporary electronic music. His radical, process-oriented and nonetheless highly musical approach anticipated »glitch«, »clicks & cuts« and »minimal«. The characteristic tension between strict formalism and subtle, organic melody are what make his fascinating »music 2.0« so distinctive. » ovalconcepts.com TRANSFORMA (DE) Transforma is a Berlin collective whose work is focused on video, performance, installations, and music/video collisions. They frequently collaborate with musicians such as Apparat, Chloé, and O.S.T. » transforma.de MARC WEISER (DE) Marc Weiser, in partnership with video artist Lillevan, has played pretty much every festival worth its salt under the Rechenzentrum alias. Since their ways parted in 2008, Weiser has continued solo, in a similar vein. He is also a member of the unique soloist ensemble, Zeitkratzer, and composes for radio. » weisermusic.com THOMAS FEHLMANN (CH/DE) Thomas Fehlmann co-founded the band -Palais -Schaumburg in the 80s, which was to have a major influence on Neue Deutsche Welle. He later joined both The Orb and, together with Gudrun Gut, the radio collective Ocean Club. He has worked with Robert Fripp, Juan Aktins, Moritz von Oswald, Sun Electric, Mute Records, Teutonic Beats, Stephan Remmler, and Erasure. His solo career took off surprisingly late, with releases on Kompakt in 2002. » flowing.de