• Resident DJs: Cormac, Peter Pixzel and Husley & Gunz. Regulars also include Hannah Holland (Trailer Trash), Jojo de Freq (NagNagNag/Bugged Out!) and Mikki Most (Trailer Trash), as well as the Cafe 1001 DJs. With a 20K Soundsystem (that's not quite what you probably think it means), a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, Wet Yourself has earned itself a place in IDJ's top 5 essential nights out in london within its starting 6 months. Other top guests we've had include Tim Paris (Crack & Speed), Pig & Dan (Cocoon Recordings/Sonic Society), Martinez (Out of Orbit), Martin Decara (3rd Floor Records), Patrick Bateman (TicTacToe), Tim Andressen (Azuli Records) & of course Miss Kittin (Nobody's Bizzness/fr).