Ctm.12 Hyper-Real: Hudson Mohawke, Shlohmo, Salva, Diskjokke, Loud E

  • Those in the know try to stay one step ahead of the game. How to cope with such magnitudes of so-called information? The ones who try to stand still in these swelling tides will be pulled down by the undertow. Zooming in and out, from macro to micro, can offer a means with which to relate. Or is it merely a deceptive comfort that comes with a false sense of understanding? Perhaps it is better simply to be dazzled by the over-saturated colors, and the microsecond flashes generating pixelated freeze-frame souvenirs that dissolve before there is even time to process them. There is beauty here. The devil is in the detail. The real danger is lurking where you least expect it. This no-man’s-land between R&B, techno, turntablism, grime, and house is a sonic manifestation of future shock. With style. DELFONIC (DE) A resident at the Gretchen club, Markus Lindner aka Delfonic aka Marvin Suggs works at a record shop in Berlin called Oye Records, from where he hosts Sweatlodge Radio. » soundcloud.com/delfonic SHLOHMO (US) Shlohmo is Henry Laufer, a young producer from L.A. His acclaimed debut Bad Vibes (FoF, 2011) is an ambient take on Low End Theory hip hop combined with reverb-drenched, blown-out bedroom tapes of guitar dabbling. Shlohmo is also active with the prolific Wedidit Collective. » shlohmo.tumblr.com SALVA (US) Salva left San Francisco for Los Angeles and found his sound on the way down. A synth-heavy R&B techno hybrid full of vocal snippets and quick turnarounds, his debut, Complex Housing, appeared on the Friends of Friends label in 2011. » soundcloud.com/salva HUDSON MOHAWKE (UK) Initially inspired by turntablism, the glistering hyper-real cyber R&B of Hudson Mohawke brims with sonic detail. Hailing from Glasgow, Ross Birchard initially became known through the LuckyMe collective before signing to Warp Records for his debut LP Butter in 2009. » hudsonmohawke.com ANSTAM (DE) Debuting on Modeselektor’s Fifty Weapons imprint, Anstam have managed to remain mysterious despite gathering an increasing fan base for the dystopian blend of dubstep, grime, junglism and techno on the intriguing Dispel Dances LP. » anstam.de LANDO KAL (US) Lando Kal’s sound is a freaked out juggernaut of electronic music, primarily experimenting with various mutations of house and featuring dense instrumentation, analog synth, drum machine work, complex melodies, and creeping bass lines. » soundcloud.com/lando-kal U-MATIC & TELEMATIQUE (DE) Frequent collaborators of CTM since the beginning of the Festival in 1999, the light and video installations, live video performances, and interactive objects of U-matic & telematique are characterized by technological expertise, experimental approach, and a minimalistic precision. They have worked with a.o. Vladislav Delay, Errorsmith, Vitalic, Laurent Garnier, and Ricardo Villalobos. » telematique.de This evening is primarily dedicated to the phenomenon of re-edit culture. The flea markets and junk shops of the world serve as excavation sites for media archeologists hunting for forgotten relics. It’s about discovering that special moment in an obscure track, slicing and dicing and reassembling it into something that was never intended. Revisionist historians interpret clues to a past that never quite happened, creating a narrative from fragments of overheard conversations, reading between the lines, and generously filling in the blanks. It’s about distilling those fleeting moments and feelings, contrasting and refracting them, and manipulating collective memories, ideally to return them to their original medium – the vinyl side. Disco Doctor Frankenstein is on an endless quest to create a new monster track; perhaps better than before, and often scarier. LOUD-E (NL) Loud-E is a Dutch DJ and re-editor with an ear for obscure, old-school disco grooves and a busy schedule of international bookings. Crate-digging for rare vinyl wherever he goes, he has released his edits on Ambassador’s Reception and Discoïne. » intergalactic.fm COSMO VITELLI (FR) French DJ and producer Cosmo Vitelli is a key force in edit culture. He has been releasing since 1998, founded his label I’m a Cliché in 2004, and is also half of the duo Bot’Ox with Julien Briffaz. His sound encompasses disco, house, electro, and indie elements. » clicheparties.wordpress.com DISKJOKKE (NO) Following the success of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas comes DiskJokke, the latest in a string of exciting and innovative artists hailing from the Oslo electronica scene, with his distinct blend of quirky, disco-edits. » soundcloud.com/diskjokke-2
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