Ctm.12 The Outlaw Discotheque: Ital, Taprikk Sweezee, Ghettospheric

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    Ghettospheric Taprikk Sweezee Ital
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  • Outlaw discotheque and hedonist bastion Kater Holzig invites you to a night of Pixel Soul & Cyber Bling. Simultaneously exploiting and paying homage to mainstream pop culture from the 50s onward, the night explores twisted forms of R&B and Soul, with accents of newer trends such as house and juke peppered in for good measure. By excavating long lost qualities from songs and melodies heard all too often, by resurrecting the voices of bygone stars and the grooves of long-lost instrumentalists, by feeding on brazen bling, Ghettosperic, Tapprik Sweezee, and Ital bring these time-honoured genres to a modern edge even as the music’s original spirit shines through brightly. GHETTOSPHERIC (UK/DE) The Ghettospheric DJ team was founded by three English ex-pats and a Berlin underground activist to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of Aaliyah, an icon of late-90s R’n’B whose life ended tragically early. In their sets, obscure remixes and slick originals pay a lighthearted homage to the turn-of-the-millennium urban mainstream. Spiked with some low-key Chicago juke, edits of classic 60s and 70s soul, and bassline house for good measure, the assembled multitude ultimately has no choice but to submit to the profane ecstasy of libidinous grooves and sheer unfettered funkiness. ITAL (US) Under his Ital alias, Daniel Martin McCormick, known for projects such as Mi Ami and Sex Worker, creates his own idiosyncratic, post-historic reading of key moments in the electronic hedonism of the last three decades. For this mission he abandons the post rock, white krach and hypnagogic tendencies of his usual creative comfort zone to concoct a soulful brew of raw, outer house, which has thus far been released on Lovers Rock and 100% Silk. His new album, Hive Mind, comes out in February 2012 on Planet-Mu. » listentosilk.com » planet.mu TAPPRIK SWEEZEE (DE) Groove mutations and pixel soul are the elements from which Tapprik Sweezee throws together his DIY-R’n’B, a sound from the far side of sleek that celebrates the funk of crashing motherboards with a myriad of intermingling voices and warped, mechanical medleys. His live-shows are an excess of digital bounce, shredded loops, nuanced vocals, and are suffused by the longevity of an android that keeps on dancing even after it’s been chucked into the pool. Sweezee runs the mini-label Zoik Musik. » myspace.com/taprikksweezee » zoikmusic.de