Ctm.12 Mohn

  • Mohn is the German word for poppy. Yet despite the pop inclinations that these two have sometimes worn on their lapels, the poppy in question here is the flower, and perhaps most aptly, the basis for opium production. Mohn is a new collaboration between Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger, two of the original masterminds behind minimal techno and godfathers of what became known as the »Sound of Cologne«. In 1993 they co-founded the record shop Delirium, which by 1998 had morphed into the mighty Kompakt imperium. Aside from a handful of releases as Burger/Voigt, the duo’s most notable work to date was in 1996, under the name Burger/Ink. The Las Vegas LP was a landmark in blending techno and ambient aesthetics. Mohn is a continuation of this approach, combining their signature sounds in a kind of slow-motion, narcotic dance music for the mind, meant to be enjoyed while seated. Following this world premier performance, an LP is slated for release in April 2012. JÖRG BURGER (DE) Best known for his releases as The Bionaut and The Modernist, Jörg Burger invented a style of spongey, springy techno based on rolling bass lines and rhythmic vocoded synth stabs that exudes euphoric coolness. Other projects include Trinkwasser, Pop Up and Triola. » j-burger.com WOLFGANG VOIGT (DE) Wolfgang Voigt’s many aliases include Mike Ink, Love Inc, Studio1 and Gas. The highly illustrious and prolific Kompakt maestro balances his devotion to the 4/4 bass drum with a penchant for experimentation and a host of highly conceptual projects. » wolfgang-voigt.com