Ctm.12 Parastrophics: Mouse On Mars, Dj Elephant Power, Sølyst

  • The launch party for a new Mouse on Mars album – especially when it’s been six years since their last – is most certainly a big occasion. Their extreme approach to sound is by no means restricted to the confines of the studio, and live sets are often incendiary. Jan Werner and Andi Toma will again be joined by drummer Dodo NKishi to premiere material from their forthcoming Parastrophics LP. But tonight’s eclectic line-up, chosen by the band themselves, is another reason this is likely to be a special event. Berlin’s highly esteemed Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop will perform Georg Friedrich Haas’ »Sextet for 3 Violas & 3 Cellos«, a microtonal piece composed in 1982. Following Mouse on Mars’ recent orchestral work, Paeanumnion, it’s quite likely the boys will even join in. Further contrast will come from a percussive set by Sølyst, a new project by Kreidler sticksman Thomas Klein. Making sure that the moments of silence will be mercifully brief is DJ Elephant Power, a longtime mainstay of Mouse on Mars’ label Sonig. DJ ELEPHANT POWER (BE) DJ Elephant Power is Nicolas Baudoux, a turntablist and producer from Brussels. His laserfunky, synth-driven tracks have been released on Mouse on Mars’ Sonig imprint since 2004. Last year he landed Belgium’s prestigious Octaves De La Musique prize. » djelephantpower.com SØLYST (DE) Sølyst combines acoustic drums, electronic percussion, tribal rhythms, and dark atmospheres to create something between krautrock dub and a kind of brave new world-music. Behind Sølyst is Thomas Klein, otherwise known as the drummer and founding member of Kreidler. » bureau-b.com SOLISTENENSEMBLE KALEIDOSKOP (DE) Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop is a chamber orchestra founded in 2006 by cellist Michael Rauter and director Julian Kuerti. The Berlin-based ensemble has made it their mission to challenge the traditional notion of concert forms and to incorporate other artistic media. Their repertoire ranges from early baroque to contemporary composition. » kaleidoskopmusik.de MOUSE ON MARS (DE) Crafting lopsided funk out of squelching, squeaking, belching, bleeping sounds, Mouse on Mars are a genre unto themselves. With Parastrophics, Andi Toma and Jan Werner are now on their tenth album, to be released on Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label. » mouseonmars.com