Buddies Forever with Matthew Dear and Philipp Jung

  • Join us on Nov 29 at Le Bain, New York for another fine party with our Buddies Matthew Dear and Philipp Jung (of M.A.N.D.Y) It’s a while since this duo got together for an event so this is just a small reminder that Matthew and Philip are Buddies forever and are in town for another event!! Though this sensational duo of house and techno talents come together only occasionally - sometimes they produce, other times they perform - the results are always a beguiling mix of the things which makes each great. Dear brings his Detroit and dark wave tinge to things whilst German Jung knows a thing or two about European electronic heritage given his previous position co-running Get Physical. The last time these played together in NYC it went off, so make sure you join us to make some Buddies Forever… Hosted by Sigu
  • Buddies Forever with Matthew Dear and Philipp Jung - Flyer front