Through The Looking Glass

  • Imagine a world of giant paper mache toadstools, neon rabbits projected onto walls and drinks served from teapots. This is the world of Through The Looking Glass. We will be creating an experience with our events. We will whisk you off on a mini break from reality into a world of fun, fantasy and an alternative reality! Interactive art using actors, artists, make up artists and hi-tech visuals will all be on hand to help you and your fantasy. Adam Street is an amazing venue off The Strand and near the river. The capacity is 400 and there are 2 full rooms of music and a chill-out area. This is Through the Looking Glass, Friday 9th March 2012 Our sound is summed up here- The music will be like Hot Natured, Greg Wilson, Bedrock and Kenny Dope. We will have there for any girls that need a quick zhush after a hard week at work and in such a unique venue near Charing Cross it's really going to be a fun night with entertainers in fancy dress and other performances being planned. Here's our Spotify Selection (13 hours) -
  • Through The Looking Glass - Flyer front
    Through The Looking Glass - Flyer back