Hessle Audio Japan Tour feat Pearson Sound Aka Ramadanman & Pangaea

  • Venue
    • 1-34-17 Ebisunishi, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0021, Japan
  • Date
    Thu, 22 Dec 201123:30pm - 6:00am
  • Attending
    • 34
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    2011.12.22 Thu Before Holiday 7even Recordings & Basement Ltd. present "Hessle Audio Japan Tour feat. Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman & Pangaea" [UNIT] -DJ- Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman (Hessle Audio / Swamp 81 / Soul Jazz / from UK) Pangaea (Hessle Audio / Hemlock / from UK) ENA (7even Recordings / IAI Recordings / Back To Chill) Greg G (7even Recordings / Basement Ltd.) Yusaku Shigeyasu (Basement Ltd. / ALMADELLA) [SALOON] -DJ- Dx (Soi) 100mado(Lo Dubs / MURDER CHANNEL) Audace (Inductive) A Taut Line (Diskotopia) CHAM+i (NEON) [SHOP] DISC SHOP ZERO
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  • For its first event at Tokyo’s Unit club, Basement Ltd. brings you two of of the best underground and bass music ambassadors from UK. Pearson Sound, also known as Ramadanman and Maurice Donovan, is responsible for some of the recent biggest UK underground anthems, including ‘Glut’, released on Untold’s Hemlock Recordings, and ‘Work Them’ on Loefah’s Swamp 81 label. Scoring his Hessle Audio label a well respected residency at London club Fabric, he has released in 2011 the number 56 of the Fabric Live mix CDs series. More recently, he has started his own vinyl only night called Acetate in Leeds. His knack for working over a dancefloor shows no sign of waning. Pearson Sound is musically constantly innovating, refusing to sit still and feeding off all kinds of temperate influences, from old house to Chicago juke music. He is currently travelling the world’s best clubs, with a recent appearance at François K’s Deep Space event in New York City. With only a handful of releases under his belt, Pangaea is regarded as one of today’s most exciting producer on the British club music scene with already classic releases such as ‘Router’, ‘Inna Daze’ and the recent ‘Hex’. Whilst house and techno influences are apparent, his music is firmly rooted in the traditions of UK bass music past and present. The same applies to his DJ sets, and he has performed throughout the UK, Europe, and in the US and Canada. Co-founders of the mighty Hessle Audio imprint alongside Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea have released their own music on the label as well as productions by James Blake, Untold, Cosmin TRG, Peverelist, Blawan or Addison Groove, recently compiled in the ‘116 & Rising’ compilation. They are bringing today’s freshest Club Music vibes to the Japanese dancefloors! Alongside PEARSON SOUND and PANGAEA will play 7even Recordings‘ artist ENA, one of Japan’s rising producer, back from his recent Europe tour. Basement Ltd. residents YUSAKU SHIGEYASU and GREG G will also share the decks during the night. Also expect big basslines and good vibes with our DJs playing at SALOON, with Back To Chill’s resident 100 MADO, Diskotopia’s producer A TAUT LINE, Inductive label’s AUDACE, and DX and CHAMI from the legendary SOI night. And as usual you will also be able to dig the best of the recent international productions at the Disc Shop Zero corner during the night. Pure vibrations and quality music guaranteed. -------------- 「ダブステップ = ハーフステップ」の概念にとらわれないベースミュージックが持つ自由な可能性を拡張し続けるBasement Ltd.が新天地UNITにて5回目の開催を高らかに宣言! ジャンルの壁を飛び越え評価を獲得する最重要レーベルHessle Audioのショウケースがここ東京で実現!レーベルオーナーでもある2人、かつてはRamadanmanとして既存の音楽を独自に再構築した鮮烈な作品を世に放ってきたPearson Sound、そしてそのアザーサイドとも言えるエクスペリメンタル感溢れる強烈なプロダクションで知られるPangaeaをフィーチャー!彼らを中心に生み出される、UKガラージ、テクノ、ハウス、ジュークなど新旧を問わない数多くの要素を含んだプロダクション、DJスタイルは今まさに聴かれるべきサウンドといっても過言ではない。後に説明不要なまでに評価を得たJames Blakeや、Ricardo VillalobosにヘビープレイされたJoeなどと言った才能をいち早く発掘するなど、その審美眼には定評がある彼らが魅せる”次なる”サウンドに期待が高まる。 7even Recordingsからのリリースが高い評価を得たENA、そしてBasement Ltd.のレジデントGreg GとYusaku Shigeyasu、SALOONでは東京のベースミュージックを牽引するSoiからDx、Back to Chillレジデントである100mado、DiskotopiaのプロデューサーA Taut Line、レーベルInductiveからAudace、そしてディープフロウドラム&ベースパーティーNEONからCHAM+iが登場、さらには確固たる信念のもと良質な音楽・文化を届けているDISC SHOP ZEROをUNIT内に設置し、全方位からマッシブなベースラインを保証!!!
  • Hessle Audio Japan Tour feat Pearson Sound Aka Ramadanman & Pangaea - Flyer front
    Hessle Audio Japan Tour feat Pearson Sound Aka Ramadanman & Pangaea - Flyer back