Den Of Thieves: Jd Harrington Dessex

  • Venue
    • 244 East Houston; New York, NY 10002; United States
  • Date
    Thu, 17 Nov 201110 pm - late
  • Attending
    • 23
  • den of thieves : 26 with : jd harrington dessex juan ////////////////////// we once again welcome all the creatures of the night for another session at den of thieves. thursday the 17th we have a little fun and twist things on the early side of the night. we change the tempo up and explore sounds that, while outside it's strict confines, are techno's aesthetic kindred spirits. expect post-punk, synth-pop, cold wave and beyond. + late night standards. you know the drill. - zero at the door : double up at the bar ///////////////////// 'twist with tomorrow's men and me'
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