Shameless / Limitless: Babe Rainbow , Rangleklods, Butterclock

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    Live: Babe Rainbow (WARP, Vancouver), Rangleklods (Aarus/Copenhagen), Butterclock (Paris/Berlin) Live Art Installation by YUKI Plus DJs Bokonon, Mino and Rafael Finns (E´de Cologne) rsvp:
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  • Wenn schon denn schon. I mean, this is a celebration of our 3rd birthday, so why not? To hyperbolize the excellence of what's on tap is challenging to say the least. // Live: Babe Rainbow (WARP/Vancouver) Babe Rainbow aka Cam Reed is many things. Vancouver scene lynchpin. Over at his tumblr, arbiter of internet finery. Above all, though, he is the creator of righteous off kilter electronic soundscapes. This, his first European tour, finds him sharing stages with Battles, Metronomy, Oneohtrix Point Never and AraabMuzik. Rangleklods (Aarhus/Copenhagen) Perennial S/L favourite is back in Berlin after a too long absence. Since last gracing a local stage, Rangleklods has toured Denmark extensively and recently celebrated the official release of his debut EP, Home. We are thrilled to have him back. Butterclock (Paris/Berlin) Fresh from shows in places as far afield as Russia and as renowned as Berghain, Butterclock trades in gloomy hip hop and R&B sounds mixed with early 90's rave. See above comments re: hyperbole to round out the summary. // Performative installation by Japanese artist Yuki In the gallery. // Also, of course, tanz fest galore with DJs Bokonon Mino Rafael Finns (E´de Cologne) // Poster by Daddison (
  • Shameless / Limitless: Babe Rainbow , Rangleklods, Butterclock - Flyer front