Freedom In The Park

  • ‘WE CALL OUR GOVERNMENTS TO STAND BY US AND SHIFT THE WORLD’S PRIORITIES FROM THE RULING CORPORATIONS TO US, THE PEOPLE’ WE GATHER IN BERLIN, OTHERS ARE GATHERING IN MANY OTHER PARTS OF EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES. BIT BY BIT WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! BELIEVE AND ACT! WATCH : ... The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation JOIN OUR DEMONSTRATION AT GORLITZER PARK IN BERLIN AT 11AM on 11.11.2011!!! BRING SIGNS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, FRIENDS, LOTS OF GOOD WILL AND CONFIDENCE, RESPECT, PEACE AND UNITY!!!! Facts *Corporations have gained the human rights lost by citizens. *The world’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few, the ruling elite, giving them political power as a consequence of economic power. *Democracy and peace are undermined and the belief that us, voters, have a say in how our countries are being run is now simply an illusion. “The wealthy have installed their slaves in the highest spheres of the state. The banks are privately owned. They are concerned solely with profits. They have no interest in the common good. The gap between rich and poor is the widest it’s ever been; the pursuit of riches and the spirit of competition are encouraged and celebrated.” Stephane Hessel (94-year-old former United Nations diplomat, concentration-camp survivor and hero of the French Resistance) We need prove our governments and ourselves that we have the power to reject social injustice and reclaim our rights to be free human beings on this planet. If we do not make a stand now, we will keep having huge corporate bodies controlling us with even more rules and regulations. If we do not make a stand now, our planet resources will soon be fully exploited by the greedy corporations and even our right to make a stand will soon disappear together with our right for prosperity & happiness. ACT! We want *An intention to convey unity and give purpose to our desires for a better world. *Take part in a call to awaken reality. *The demonstration is a leaderless structure, a sentiment, an idea and it intends to include everyone. *Bring awareness to the real problems in our society, get more and more people to be aware and hopefully take action to justice. “It’s time to take over! It’s time to get angry! “Politicians, economists, intellectuals, do not surrender! The true fabric of our society remains strong. Let us not be defeated by the tyranny of the world financial markets that threaten peace and democracy everywhere. I wish all of you to find your reason for indignation. This is a precious thing.” Stephane Hessel (94-year-old former United Nations diplomat, concentration-camp survivor and hero of the French Resistance) ‘Freedom in the Park’ is idealised and supported by Maayan Nidam, Farbfernseher, Tuning Spork Efforts Team (Jay Haze & Isis Salvaterra), Wilde Renate, Visionquest (Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves) and many other supporters from the electronic music community including friends, artists, clubs, websites, journalists, press agents, promotions, etc. We would like to count with your support to spread the word about this demonstration so we kindly ask EVERYONE please help us spread the word via any means possible; PRESS AGENCIES please publish such action and help us cover this demonstration. PEACE, LOVE, UNITY & RESPECT!!
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