Stattnacht: Homework, Camea, Bill Patrick

  • *Performance Artist* Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé (bionic poetry) *Sound Installation* Transistors Of Mercy (MDZ) - flooding the big pool This one will be the last Stattnacht of 2011 and turned out to have quiet a New York flavor. Function, who's career launched over 15 years ago in the early New York club days will be bringing you techno with no room for compromise. We also invited Camea, the head honcho of Clink records, who's career set off in New York, eventually resulting to the launch of her own label and a move to Berlin. We will have a not to be missed back to back set from two other New York exports, Bill Patrick and Evan Baggs. Opening the night will be DJ Wool, another artist from New York who, besides his various solo work, is one half of The Glass. We have also invited Amsterdam's young house duo Homework. Their career has taken a big upward turn in the passed two years and has been on a consistent rise. While on the topic of duos and house, we are happy to have YouANDme and Trickski who's releases and remixes can be spotted on major labels across the board. For the morning hours we have Adam Weishaupt, the Berliner responsible for Krake festival and bringing you punchy beats. Back on the techno side, we will have Henning Baer the force behind Grounded Theory and Alan Sommerville who will be playing a special birthday set. And last but not least, our residents Andrejko and Hacket will bring their consistent and straight forward techno style. TRANSISTORS OF MERCY ain't afraid of no errors, for the very reason that their name already buries one: Actually it should be "Transistors of no mercy" to live up to how uncompromisingly the transistor boys are. TOM's unprecedented live performances don't shine at perfection but from inspiration - inspiration from improvisation. Not everyone can do so but a music collective by people building their analogue instruments on their own can... DIY is TRANSISTORS OF MERCY's religion, ambient drone and dub scapes are the psalms. Expect the unexpected when TRANSISTORS OF MERCY send you on a STTTBD-trip reincarnating the waves and flood of the abandoned pool. The live performance by LYSANDRE COUTU-SAUVÉ will be channelled by electric charges through the body controlled by the soundscape. Her body will transform into a conductor... a mix of iron & flesh, metal & sensitivity, to become bionic poetry.
  • Stattnacht: Homework, Camea, Bill Patrick - Flyer front