World Unknown 11-11-11

  • The date of 11-11-11 is one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetimes, a rare opportunity to release lifetimes of karmic scripting and ancestral entrapment—entrapment in the sense of the conscious and unconscious habit patterns which have us wondering why we can’t seem to actualise the life we really want to have, and that we know is possible. 11-11-11 is the cosmic birth date of humanity’s prayer for liberation from the rote, mundane, and monotonous. Eleven is the sound current of Infinity, and sound is one of the most powerful ways we can heal ourselves. Mantras contain a frequency of sound which is a healing force that is available to us all. When we join together with others the energy is mega-amplified beyond what can be generated on our own. This buoyancy of sound is how we can heal ourselves and break free of the karmic chains of the past. Shift yourself to a space where there are others creating the same frequency of sound which will act as a lever to free yourself from the karmic entrapment. The space will be a certain railway arch in Brixton. You already know the frequency. Throbbing mantras for your dance of liberation will be provided by spiritual advisors Andy Blake and Joe Hart. Karmic freedom will be achieved, but will probably wear off on the way home. SO Friday 11th November Somewhere in Brixton DJs Andy Blake Joe Hart 11pm-6am £5 members/concessions £7 others email us at [email protected] for £5 all night list (ltd to 1st 50 names) Access to the World Unknown Pleasure Dome is easy by tube (Brixton), train (Loughborough Junction) and bus (35/N35 runs 24 hours and stops outside)
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