Citycover / Tehnosega Act 7

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    TECHNO STAGE :: Calli *LIVE!* // Partyzanai / // LT Split Pulse // The Lift / Armor // LT Gesta // Ritmika / Armor // DISCO STAGE :: Home Radio (Contour & Bombey) // Rasols // Vital // Quadrat Musique // Cute // Bilanebila // VJs :: Wickiss // Klusa Daba // Anasteziya // //
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  • The Tehnosega (alias Citycover) series you all know from the glorious days of Space:Garage is back in shape after a longer break, now moving over to the not less loved Dirty Deal @ Spikeri. Tehnosega's mission is to wrap you up in thick and hazy rhythm-driven soundscapes equally aimed for solid dancefloor experience as well as deep listening. Our focus is on introducing emerging techno artists from the neighbouring countries including Lithuania, Estonia and Finland alongside top local talent and our trusty residents. This time we've teamed up with Bilanebila who will be putting up a contrasting disco stage featuring a selection of leading Latvian DJs in this particular field. ARTIST NFO :: CALLI Just as young as he is impressive, this Lithuanian guy from the industrial town of Mazeikiai with some trombone and piano playing background was quickly noticed and picked up by Partyzanai netlabel (releasing the likes of Few Nolder and Golden Parazyth). In his first appearance in Latvia ever Calli will be gracing us with a live performance. SPLIT PULSE Fresh blooded techno DJ from Lithuania, representing the versatile art organization/club The Lift, and already well appreciated in his homeland, will be making his Latvia debut for your utmost enjoyment. GESTA Our most restless resident and one of the major driving forces behind current Latvian techno scene - what else to say, this man is all about sounds the words can't describe anyway. HOME RADIO DJs Contour & Bombey - arguably the best Latvian disco act there is. With their disco skills and expertise in high demand, duo's bookings range from glamourous clubs to dirty basements and back. Home Radio will be back wth an exceptional, very long set, don't miss it! VITAL Being on the scene for so many years and still keeping on the top of the game, Vital is currently holding residencies at two really different yet both highly attended Riga venues. The man is deservingly considered a legend by many, and will be once again stretching his disco muscles for a mutual pleasure! CUTE Among the most active and respected DJs in Latvia these days, Cute is playing a variety of sounds, always delivering a smooth and balanced mix proving his deep knowledge and appreciation of electronic music. WICKISS & ANASTEZIYA Wickiss is a rare combination of technical excellence and artistic capacity, going well outside the box with his visual solutions. Being one of the most experienced Latvian VJs, he will be supported by the talented newcomer Anasteziya.
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