Fervent & Swarm present Inigo Kennedy

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    Inigo Kennedy (Asymmetric, Token) Allan Nonamaka (Fervent, Subsist, Labrynth), SchadenFruede (Fervent) Vic Zee (Swarm) Mookie (Swarm)
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  • SWARM & FERVENT team up to bring you Inigo Kennedy, a true pioneer of the underground global techno movement for an exclusive Sydney only event. Get ready for a seriously massive night of underground techno action across two huge sound systems. Full local lineup/artist information will be announced within the next few days. So stay tuned for full information shortly! You have been warned... get ready for the mayhem! >>>INIGO KENNEDY : Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He is the owner of the innovative and genre defying label Asymmetric. He has also been responsible for a large and diverse back catalogue of releases on a wide variety of labels and projects around the World. His discography stretches to almost 100 releases on vinyl, CD and as MP3. His DJ schedule has taken him to all corners of the World. >>>Asymmetric Records : Inigo is now heavily committed to his own label, Asymmetric. Formed in January 1999 as a label specifically to output his material it is the home to his most personal music. High on the agenda for Asymmetric is to challenge and introduce ideas whilst maintaining a distinctive and coherent techno foundation. Releases to date have been met with both critical and dance floor acclaim. >>>Worldwide DJ Assault : Alongside this pioneering release schedule has grown an increasingly hectic worldwide DJ schedule - including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, USA, etc. These performances almost always pushing three turntables and one or two CDs to their limits to provide a truly energetic, atmospheric, innovative and, dare I say, inspirational and challenging experience. High on the agenda at these performances is that classic tracks are as important and relevant as the most recent releases. Well on the way to 100 releases, a number of major projects upcoming in the next few months and a packed DJing schedule. Things are looking bright on planet Asymmetric... For further info/links/downloads check out: http://www.inigokennedy.com/main.htm http://www.swarm-industries.com/ Tickets http://www.moshtix.com.au/event.aspx?id=51903&ref=inigokennedy
  • Fervent & Swarm present Inigo Kennedy - Flyer front