Konami Sessions

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    Valvo, Choke, Redeker, Mikropunk, N_A_I_L, Mike TM
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  • DJïs: VALVO www.valvo.com.mx CHOKE brokentoyz REDEKER www.redeker.com.mx MIKROPUNK www.colectivopo.com.mx LIVE ACTCs: N_A_I_L nucleoroto MIKE TM konfort / visualprotocol VJ s: COPYCAT www.hydrogeno.org DOGON www.hydrogeno.org / www.colectivopo.com.mx CHANA ctm SIGNAL visualprotocol PERFORMANCE: PEREZY BIONIK TALIA CASTILLO AMPLIFICADOR Multicultural show Presenting Breakbeat Mexican Scene along with live acts and dj's, plus performance and live vjing action.
  • Konami Sessions - Flyer front