Direct To Earth

  • October 30th DTE presents the techno sounds of Patrick Gil in celebration of his coming Nerves EP set for release on Gynoid Audio. The music will be fitting for a truly haunted costume encouraged Get down. :::::::::::::::::: Patrick Gil // Fierce Animals, Gynoid Audio Patrick Gil started with a 4 track recorder and acoustic guitar, writing songs in Palos Verdes, CA. When he moved to a pc and cakewalk, it was only natural to take advantage of the digital tools; weird guitar layers, cut up vocals, delay tricks. When he moved to Santa Cruz, he played in a rock band, but it wasn't long until he was getting on his knees, playing with infinity delays, vocals through the pedals, doing long ambient sections. The time had come to make the sound and effects the priority. The deeper he got into programming synths and playing effects, the more he yearned for something different; far out sounds, thicker bass, rhythmic samples. The sound and feel of techno had the driving energy that reeled him in. Incidentally, the more he produced, the more he found himself going out to parties, getting lost in the music. It was long until he was mixing tracks and cutting his songs into loops. He now performs live sets of his own material and does dj sets around the Bay Area, sharing his love for hypnotic grooves and warm bass. :::::::::::: Deepstrike // Gynoid Audio, DTE A nomad genetically modified by the galaxy's dark stereo sounds. Working within standard Techno codex; Deepstrike powerfully sequences rhythms through the use of a Livid Code device. Recreating what once was a playable dark Library into his own biomass. The destructive effects and lava hot bass lines function together landing in an area completely different from that which was the target. This engineered inaccuracy creates the potential for mental teleportation and loss of inhibition. with support from DTE residents: Max and ELi 21+ No Cover 3411 MacArthur Boulevard Oakland, CA 94602-3823 (510) 531-3411
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