110th Street - Feng Shui For The Modern Clubber

  • Bad feng shui should not be tolerated; it should be dealt with. Especially bad feng shui in your club. Follow our five top tips and you will notice improvements in your health, your dancing moves & your well-being in general. 1. Before going out, place two red candles in the southwest corner of your living room. Light them for ten minutes (Don't forget to extinguish before you leave). This will help awaken your 'élan vital,' giving you the energy you require to get your rave on. 2. To create good feng shui in the club, concentrate on moving your body in alignment with the moon's circuit through the night sky. This will help ensure you unleash the positive feng shui energy needed for getting on down. 3. To nourish the good feng shui energy in your club, it is best to become at one with your environment. In essence, if those around you are hollering, do please join in. If they all decide to sit on the floor during a breakdown - like the last 110th Street party at the Vic - do likewise. This will increase the positive feng shui in the venue tenfold. However, never wolf-whistle as this will unsettle the energy flow in the room. 4. Limit the presence of the feng shui element of fire by going outside to have your fag. And make sure to be polite with the disc-jockeys at all time. This is essential to make sure the flow of Chi is moving in the right direction. 5. Later, when you get home after the club, try to sleep with your head towards one of your Auspicious Directions, preferably your Dominant Sheng Chi direction. On Saturday 1st October, Cyril Briscoe & Cian Ó Cíobháin drop acid house, warehouse techno & renegade disco bombs to one of the most positive dancefloors this side of Shanghai. Join them in Moe's Tavern (which is located in the rear right section of the Bagua) on Dominick Street. This is where love reigns. Post all your positive remarks and links on our FB event page.
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