Flashback - First Birthday

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    PeeWee Ferris - 2 Hour Happy Hardcore Set, Nik Fish, Jumping Jack, Paul Holden, Fenix, Weaver, Suae, Aladdin, Destiny, Tom-E, Phase One, Haze, C-Trix, Refresh, Shadower, Scott Baker, Trix, Kwest, MC Losty, MC Obi, MC Rek
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  • The Summer Of Love. The Winter Of Joy. The Year Of Flashback. We believe this year to be the year of the rave......the year of the raver. In all our years of partying we have never seen a more up for it bunch of people than those that have been attending the parties in the last year. You have given us promoters the inspiration to continue doing what we love doing and as such our scene has grown to an amazing state.... bigger vibes, bigger parties, it just grows bigger & better. On the 11th of January 2003, Flashback was born on a night that went down in rave history! It's one year later and we're still going strong - back bigger than ever for our First Birthday! Over the past year we have played host to some wicked and innovative parties but it has all come down to the overwhelming support from you guys that have made them a success! Without you we would be nothing and it is because of you that we are lucky enough to be able to celebrate this special year, the year of Flashback! So it is with our greatest pleasure that we invite you, the ravers, to join with us in celebrating our first birthday party, our “year of flashback” and your “year of rave”.... you guys fuckin rule! NYE? Pffft it's over rated! Start your year at Flashback!