The Known Unknown present: Beatface Live

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    BEATFACE, Rashid St. James, + MANY MORE
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  • The Known [Un] Known is an event series and collaborative effort of artists that support one another to assist in garnering worldwide success. The Known Unknown introduces BEATFACE Live ft. Opening Act @ Rashid St. James & The SHPDS + Audition-Only Open Mic Sunday, October 2nd Alongside Afterparty w/ DJ Sean 'Smartiez' Crooks 875 Bloor St. W $10 before 9pm; $15 afterwards Doors open at 7pm Show begins at 8pm FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: TWITTER: WEBSITE: BEATFACE BIO: Take two high school friends. Challenge them to step out of their musical comfort zones, providing them with only a keyboard, and a couple of laptops. Then, throw in a drummer. You’ll end up with BEATFACE, Toronto’s urban rock & roll band (without guitars). It started as an experiment in 2009 when Paul, a singer/songwriter and Book, a producer and musician, decided to create a sound that would be different from anything they had previously created. They paired introspective lyrics with a mix of electronic, rock and pop music and began to create the BEATFACE sound; one that is both catchy and thoughtful. With the sound defined, they challenged themselves even more by adding a live drummer to the mix. Jonny, an experienced drummer who had already played in a variety of bands, was invited to join the group and create that new layer of sound. Used to working with a full band, Jonny readily accepted the challenge to work with a band where he would be playing the only acoustic instrument. Giving their new electronic sound the appropriate edge, BEATFACE was solidified in early 2011. With recording complete, BEATFACE has decided to let everyone else in on the secret.
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