Mad Racket 13th Birthday featuring Recloose

  • Mad Racket invites you to celebrate with us as we enter our difficult teen years. We’ve had lots of fun in the sandpit with our friends, but now it’s time to go to big school… We’ve invited on of our favourite guests to join our celebration. Recloose should need little introduction, but here’s one anyway… Fourteen years after his now infamous ‘Demo on Rye’ exchange with Carl Craig in a downtown Detroit sandwich shop, Recloose has developed into a true standout of the city’s musical litter. His inventive and restless output is distinctive and diverse, melding together moody techno, soulful house, synth-heavy jazz, funk and heavy downtempo with the great of ease, and as only he knows how. He’s recently released his first original material in three years – the ‘Saturday Night Manifesto’ EP for Rush Hour. The seminal Amsterdam based label last year outed ‘Early Works’, a spine tingling retrospective collection celebrating his best work from the late 90’s and early 00’s. Additionally, Recloose has to date released a number of groundbreaking 12’s for Planet E and Rush Hour, a host of remixes, and four full-length albums for noteworthy labels !K7, Peacefrog, Octave Lab and Sonar Kollektiv. He has been responsible for several hit singles which remain somewhat hallowed amongst educated heads – namely ‘Cardiology’, (incidentally with a five-star remix from Isolee), ‘Dust’ featuring Joe Dukie, and ‘Can’t Take It’ featuring R’n’B sensation Dwele. Recloose has also performed as a turntablist for both Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra and the more esoteric Uri Caine ensemble. Fans can catch him via his ‘Hit It and Quit It’ radio show aired every Monday from Auckland’s George FM ( And of course the Birthday Boys – Jimmi James, Ken Cloud, Zootie and Simon Caldwell – will be playing the best from their childhood music collections for your dancing pleasure.
  • Mad Racket 13th Birthday featuring Recloose - Flyer front