Psycheground featuring Ctrl Alt Del

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    CTRL + ALT + DEL live (Nexus Media) LUIS CAMPOS (Reality Engine - Dreamcatcher - Sullivan Room) KeN (Bella Gaia - Dreamcatcher) Carol Ferraz (Sullivan Room)
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  • The homecoming at Sullivan Room continues as we embrace another night of mind bending beats on the dance floor. The evening's travels will include a look directly into the mind of producer Ctrl+Alt+Del, an artist who's high energy performances never fail to bring up the heat to the boiling point on the dance floor. Other journeys will include a warm welcome home with one of our resident performers and Psycheground ambassador to Japan, DJ KeN, as well as a special trip with our Psycheground maestro, Luis Campos and of course our resident Carol Ferraz. Grab your dream journals and get ready to write because this is going to be another one to remember!
  • Psycheground featuring Ctrl Alt Del - Flyer front