Cologne Minimal with Tom Schön, Rekorder, Marqueses,comabreakz

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    Tom Schön // Soap Records Rekorder // Cologne Minimal / Sommerwach Daniel Marqueses // Cologne Minimal / Sommerwach Hectical // Bassment / Rappelkiste Drom // Comabreakz Bassgrow // Comabreakz # Random // Comabreakz Soundsoldier // Comabreakz niLOWmcee // Comabreakz
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  • On 01.10.2011 we start "something new"... early September the new club "e-feld Cologne" was launched under this motto. After the bright summer bash with the guys of Sommerwach we return to the gloom of night. Let's talk about the facts, ladies and gentlemen, which will accompany us through the night. As special guest we have invited Tom Schön of Soap Records. Tom is not only an excellent DJ and remixer but also A & R and colleague of Toni Rios of the label Soap Rec. Tom has already completed many notable performances and is not the first time as a guest in Cologne. Coming up in the near future, Tom’s got some releases and remixes, including a remix for the Cologne duo Vito & Danito. We are delighted to welcome Tom on 10/01/2011 at our gig. Tom gets support from resident and head of the Open Air series Sommerwach, Robert aka REKorder. REKorder has become an inherent part of the Cologne Minimal team and also performed quite a few sets alone and collectively with Gabler Minimal this summer. REKorder has been active in the scene from the start and knows, like no other, to put the masses on the dance floor under his spell. Celebrated as a newcomer in 2010, Daniel Marqueses is now firmly established in our team after two years history of Cologne Minimal. Daniel is expert in setting up the atmosphere and selectively transferring it to the celebrating crowd. With gusto we look back on his grandiose appearance at the Melt! 2011 Sommerwach floor. Those who were not there now have the opportunity to witness Daniel along with Tom Schön and REKorder on the main floor. On the 2nd floor, we give you the crew of Comabreakz Cologne, which has properly rocked the D & B floor @ the Odonien for us. Comabreakz has Djane Hectical (Bassment / Rappelkiste) brought on board for this evening, which promises an illuminative journey from the beginning to the end through the unknown space of the D&B galaxy. House - Techno - minimal - D&B 01.10.2011 Club e-feld Cologne Venloer Str. 601 50827 Köln Start: 23h Entry: 10€ 2 Floors + Chill Out We promise you darkness, pressure, fun and great atmosphere in new settings!
  • Cologne Minimal with Tom Schön, Rekorder, Marqueses,comabreakz - Flyer front