Clubnacht Teichmann Edition

  • Venue
    • Neue Promenade 10; Mitte; Berlin 10178; Germany
  • Date
    Fri, 14 Oct 201111:59pm - 12:00am
  • Attending
    • 12
  • Teichmann Rebelion Achtung Suchtgefahr, die Gebrüder Teichmann kommen ins Levee und wollen mit euch ihr neues Album feiern. Wer die beiden kennt weiß hier werden keine Gefangenen gemacht. Abrunden wird das Programm Dekai von Ostklang, zu dritt werden die Jungs euch eine Abfahrt bescheren die sich gewaschen hat. Also Sport frei mit Andy, Hannes und deKai Lineup: Andi Teichmann (Festplatten, Disko B) Hannes Teichmann (Festplatten, Disko B) deKai (Ostklang, Levee) Running Order: 00:00 - 02:00 deKai 02:00 - 06:00 Andi Teichmann 06:00 - 10:00 Hannes Teichmann 10:00 - ende tba neues Album ab 21.10.2010 They Made Us Do It TEICHMANN - They Made Us Do It (Album-Teaser) One day the Teichmann Brothers and their friends were turning the knobs and pushing the buttons on their machines to get synchronized, when something strange happened... "They Made Us Do It" contains pure analogue, dirty and sophisticated dance music, with a wide range of influences: from Chicago house to German psychedelic Krautrock, from Skwee to Minimal Techno, from Ambient to Bass-Music, from the first collaboration with their free-jazz daddy up to collaborations with modern classical musicians... Label: Festplatten Artist: TEICHMANN Titel: They Made Us Do It Catalogue: fest41, fest42 / CD03, fest42d Formats: 2x12" Vinyl, CD, Digital Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls VÖ: 21.10.2011 Guests: Foremost Poets aka Johnny Dangerous (Nu Groove, Soundmen on Wax, New Jersey) Tijana T. (Abe Duque Records, Belgrade) Fran Bareth (Friends Electric, Buenos Aires) Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi, Berlin) Benni King (The Happy End, Berlin) Uli Teichmann (Regensburg) Rubber Inc (Sweetspot, Manila) Alois Späth (u.a. Collegium Vocale, RIAS Chor, Berlin) Leopold Hurt (u.a. Teichmann Hurt, Hamburg) Mathis Mayr (u.a. Ensemble Mosaik, Piano Possible, Munich) Chloe Richardson (Berlin) Tracklist / Comments: 01 Intro (spoken by Sasha Perera) The machines come alive. Do they come in peace? Who knows? 02 Automarsch The automatic march is cutting its rolling beats through sounds and scapes like an upcoming electrical storm. Sharp as a Japanese knife. 03 Different Brains (feat. Benni King & Leopold Hurt - Brass: Sasha Perera and Uli Teichmann) Different brains think about Chicago house ala Relief Records and Steve Reich at the same time. Featuring Benni King and his circle of death effect circuit, Leopold Hurt on the JX3P, Uli Teichmann and Sasha Perera on the brass. 04 My Nenita / Not Asleep (Gebrüder Teichmann Edit - Original by Fran Bareth, Vocals by Johnny Dangerous) As soon as the invasion starts: We are not your slaves, we are not your enemies, we are not your helpless. We are the answer you seek. Co-production / remix with Fran Bareth and Foremost Poets. 05 Auf Dem Wasser (Voices by Alois Späth, Cello by Mathis Mayr) Aphex Twin meets Ennio Morricone in a circuit bend universe. Featuring Ensemble Mosaik cellist Mathis Mayr and Collegium Vocale singer Alois Späth. 06 Brainwash (Adapter Edit) Self oscillating voices on a pumping bass and pushing beats clean up your brain. The Adapter Edit is especially made for creative DJs who want to change genres - it starts with 130 bpm and goes down to100 bpm. 07 Euphone We are globalised but we ain´t franchised. Synchronised analogue power from the brothers. 08 Re-Generation (feat. Benni King) The Re-generation is dancing to house and skwee fusion with a funky Black Sabbath attitude.Featuring some fluffy Ecstasy RS-09 chords by Benni King. 09 Atari Funk (feat. Chloe Richardson) Good old Atari ST is sequencing this slow house tune which brings more positive vibes onto this record. Our long time agent Chloe Richardson is playing the clarinet. 10 Hangover With Me (feat. Tijana T) What is left, when you wake up? You still hear the 808 banging, the bass goes deeper and deeper and you still have her voice in your head. Featuring Belgrade's favourite DJ Tijana T on machines, microphone and hangovers... 11 Invasionary Hypnotic tribute to the master of minimal techno. 12 After The War After the war, self oscillating beats and spooky theremin melodies are finding their way on this Dubstep-Disco-Kraut-Breaker. 13 The Faketory (with Rubber Inc. and Uli Teichmann) The faketory is constantly producing your reality. Co-production with Manilas electronic duo Rubber Inc. The saxophone is played by the brothers free-jazz dad Uli Teichmann. Contacts: Distribution: Diamonds and Pearls Berlin, Johannes Scharf <johannes at> Label: Festplatten, Andi and Hannes Teichmann <emaile at> Booking and Management: Gostimirovic Music Management, Bastian Schwischay <bs at>
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