Sunnyside Up & X-Static Re-Union

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    Lisa Pin-Up Darren Pearce Skol Wayne Burgess v Joel B Roosta Monique Hemlock Dj Mai Mc K Muzz Vivien Markey Dr Tony Duzzit Brett Wood Stewart T Matt Cox Jondoe
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  • After a successful joint party at Camden Palace way back in March 2000, 2 of Londons finest parties from back in the day are pulling together to put on a night of full on memories for all of you. This is a chance for all you old timers to re-live the Sunny and X-Static vibe from days gone by - and for new clubbers to the scene to experience what it was all about, and what we're all about! Sunnyside Up quickly became Londons ultimate Sunday club, starting up back in th 90's, with their last party in 2009. Many a clubber made the weekly pilgrimage down to Sunnies, spending the day in the company of like minded up for it clubbers, looking for the ultimate Sunday buzz. Who remembers Darren Pearce smashing the last set, week in, week out? Well guess what, he's gonna do it again for us - Who wants One More? X-Static made a name for themselves when they stormed onto the clubbing scene back in 1998, and regularly hosted some of Londons best club nights with the likes of Lisa Lashes, Dave Pearce and our favourite the queen of hard house Lisa Pin-Up - who, we're pleased to announce is joining us once again for this exciting experience! Sunny resident and Darren Pearce will be joining X-Static residents Wayne Burgess & Joel b, along with Skol who was resident at both parties. See full line up below! Music policy will be full on Sunnyside Up & X-Static classics, so get ready for the likes of Reach Into My Brain, The Dawn, Westbam - Wizard of Sonic, xcabs-neuro and le viole de soleil!
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