Dso After Concert Lounge with Brandt Brauer Frick

  • +++UPDATE+++ The BBF Concert & Aftershowparty is free of charge and starts 10pm!!! the symphony concert is € 10,- for students and € 15,- for everyone else. See you in a bit! *Jason & Gentle People* ++++++++++++ For the first of their Casual Concert Aftershowparty, the German Sinfonic Orchestra (DSO) has invited one of the most sought after Electronic Liveacts Brandt Brauer Frick to perform in Berlin most holy sanctuary of classical music: the Berliner Philharmonie. Also the Series orginal creator former DSO Conductor will be back again at his old Domain, to lead his former Ensemble through Schuberts "LAZARUS" Fragment. Before and after the Liveact Jason & Gentle People will play an eclectic mix of Electronic beats and ambient sounds.
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      € 15 / € 10 for Students
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