Balance Alliance / Enterbt Label Night with Chez Damier

  • Balance Alliance / Enterbt Label Night with Chez Damier at Sud Basel Chez Damier, a Chicago born and bred pioneer of the Deep House movement, has long since paid his dues. Together with the Zurich based producer Demetrio Giannice he is playing the Swiss club circuit from Geneva to Basel. "You asking what Jazz is? If you gotta ask, you'll never know", Louis Armstrong supposedly once answered a journalist. If Armstrong would have been one of the founders of the Deep House sound, he might well have said: "you have to ask what deepness is? Better stop trying". House is a feeling. Either you get it or not. Well it may be that Deep House adepts wave their flag more even more enduringly than other believers. Because the genre harks back to beliefs, to the spiritual sound of Gospel. Mention the name Chez Damier to a Deep Houser, and it might well be he starts singing out loud, because the man Anthony Pearson is considered by many a high priest of the Dance movement. A witch doctor, fusing the soulful essence of Black Music with potent four-to-the-floor beats. Pearson wrote history, both in the books of House and Techno. Still an adolescent, he witnessed the emergence of House music in Chicago. A couple of years later, he was one the guys behind the scene of what might well have been the first Techno club ever, the Music Institute in Detroit, as well as helping out the label of Detroit Techno legend Kevin Saunderson. The first half of the nineties saw Chez Damier reaching unheard-of heights as a producer of Deep House Music. Together with fellow Chicago dweller Ron Trent he created classics like "Morning Factory" or "Space Riddims" on their label Prescription. For a long time, things were quiet around Chez Damier. Fired up by the exchange with a younger generation of House heads, Chez Damier has found his old form again. A European brother-in-synths is Demetrio Giannice. who for several years has been paving the way for profound House Music in Zurich.
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