Wrong. Concert

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    Wrong., Sassparilla Sisters, MAR SHY SUN
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  • Rufreaktor ist ein ehemaliger Brauerei. Die Fabrik wird zur seit von Künstler bespielt. There will be art, performance, food, drink, djs, dance, party all day long. The Konzert start at night. Come by and support this place. The threat of renovation looms! Wrong “We call ourselves ” WRONG.” We are pretty heavy, but the music is kick-ass and we are funny at the same time.” Deacon http://www.wrongwrongwrong.de Sassparilla Sisters “We’ve taken it upon ourself to revive antiquated American Vaudeville routines, letting them live in a new time and space. The result is a tantalizing medicinal show with song, dance, storytelling, and surprises.” Jill et Georgia MAR SHY SUN “Do you have an extra amplifier ?” Manolo electronica/industrial/psychedelic http://www.myspace.com/newvacuum
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