Back In The Dark present Craig Smith

  • For the last Back In The Dark holiday we all went to The Southport Weekender, Roger Sanchez was there, Kerri Chandler was there, Dixon was there..... However they were all bollocks in comparison to the man who tore the Beat Bar apart Saturday Afternoon with one of the greatest and most original DeepHouse/NuDisco and Boogie Classics set we have ever heard. Irvine Welsh quotes him as his favourite DJ and has even mentioned him in his books. Phil Asher (quite rightly) thinks the sun shines out of his Scottish arse. Forget your Revenge, forget your MCDE, October the 1st we have THE GODFATHER of the NUDIsco scene, Co-Founder of The 6th Borough Project and The Soul Renegades, former Soul Heaven Resident, just back from a tour taking him to TelAviv, NewYork,Chicago ... and now hes coming to see us ... CRAIG SMITH ... Nuff said! (Apart from its a fiver to get in, and the full Deepblue Hifi "quoted as probably the best he's played on by Andre Lodemann" will be in full effect)
  • Back In The Dark present Craig Smith - Flyer front