Shivver presents Terry Farley Plus Special Guests..

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    Terry Farley : Junior Boys Own / Faith KINKY MOVEMENT : Replay Recordings / Drop Music / Amenti etc SEAN B & CARL KAOTIC : (wireless soundsystem) Dj FEE : Imperial daze + RESIDENTS : MR OBVIOUS & COXIE ( collective)
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  • Terry Farley...still a Junior Boy through and through..The veteran London-born DJ, a co-founder of highly influential dance label Junior Boys’ Own in the early 1990s... Terry founded Junior Boys Own in the early 1990s off the back of the cult Boys Own fanzine he’d already launched in the mid 1980s alongside Andy Weatherall, Pete Heller and Steven Hall. The magazine reflected the boys’ obsessions with clubbing (be it funk, soul, jazz or early house,) football and socialism, and actually published the first ever article about acid house in 1987 – it was called ‘Bermondsey Goes Balearic’ and was penned by a young Paul Oakenfold. Quickly, and inevitably perhaps, the boys’ musical passions spilled into a label operation and rest is history. Over the years, JBO would earn a stellar profile through releases by the likes of Underworld, Farley & Heller, The Chemical Brothers and Frankie Knuckles... Remixes came first. Terry remixed 'Wrote For Luck' with Paul Oakenfold and then went onto mix the Happy Monday's and Primal Scream in the height of balaerica. This led onto Terry's first productions with Andy Weatherall, Hugo Nicholson and Pete Heller under the name Bocca Juniors, the result of which was 'Raise' 'Substance'. From here Terry teamed up with Pete Heller and has gone onto remix many of the worlds leading artists and singers, everyone from U2 to New Order, to Simply Red... Terry is also, crucially, part of heavyweight promoter team behind Faith and its corresponding fanzine. Farley, alongside the likes of Stuart Patterson and Bill Brewster, has run some amazing shindigs under the Faith banner its a pleasure to have him join us @ moog... POWERED BY A PHAT FUNKTION ONE SOUNDSYSTEM! THIS IS ONE FOR THE REAL HOUSE HEADS OUT THERE! you know the deal by now with the taxi thing...bung 4 of you in a cab from town or wherever and moog will pay the the 1st £4 of your fare...just save your reciept...cant say fairer than that! SEE YOU ON THE FLOOR!
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