Aphotic Segment - Temptation Edition with Josh Dahlberg

  • What is your idea of a temptation? A blandishment or a provocation? Perhaps it is a captivating magnetism or a seductive decoy culminating into deception and plagued by a never-ending maze of difficulties? You can certainly predict either as the end result of cavorting with Dahlberg and Pompa. Surely you’ve witnessed one of their mindboggling evenings of delusional chicanery…. And if you haven’t, well let’s just say that it can be extremely tempting when present with the opportunity to chum around with these lads. On September 28th, Aphotic Segment brings together these two rascals for the first time in more than a year…. Yes, a sight that is truly beholden. You will probably drink a little whiskey. Nay, you will eventually sweat pure grain alcohol by the end of the night, then wake up in the morning broke and with your pants missing. Thankfully, the latter has yet to occur. But since we can’t predict the future, we must wait and see what the night shall foretell from beginning to mysterious end. This will prove to be a night of real “Temptation.”
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