Requiem Sessions

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    Boot (NSW) Droid Sector Chewie J.Nitrous Skirmish Arien
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  • REQUIEM AUDIO PRESENTS THE FIRST REQUIEM SESSIONS FOR MELBOURNE. On October the 22nd Mercat basement will play host to Requiem Audio headhonchos and artists in their own right DROID SECTOR and BOOT as well as CHEWIE who is on the latest requiem release with his collab with Dubtek, and Hypnosis recordings boss J.NITROUS. Expect a night of the deepest, darkest dubstep going round with all artists having their own share of the darkest dubs, being cranked through the Mercat's mighty Funktion One soundsystem. Boot Boot is a multi-discipline musician and electronic music producer based in Sydney, Australia. 2011 sees Boot change direction and refine his sound further towards darker, more cerebral territory. Disillusioned with the more ravey dancefloor end of dubstep, Boot has found solace and influence in more minimal, spacier grooves, such as those from Kryptic Minds, Youngsta, Phaeleh & DJ Madd.For live sets Boot more often than not pairs up with his partner in crime Sook, as The Abyss, who have supported countless international artists over the several years they've been performing together. Droid Sector Australian dubstep producer with releases on labels such as Terminal Dusk, Subway, Ascension, Rottun, Shift and many more. Runs the label Requiem Audio with Boot. J.Nitrous Since 2003, J.Nitrous (James Burchett) has been heading against the grain and shaping his own unique style of music. Hailing from the secluded outback of Australia, J.Nitrous has managed to gain a loyal following of screaming dubstep fans from around the world.J.Nitrous' most recent musical ventures have driven him to create epic rave-crunk infused monster music. In 2010, J.Nitrous gave birth to his own imprint; Hypnosis Recordings which is focussing on releasing and pushing only the best of the best in electronic music. Already creating huge waves with the debut release "Say You Need Me", the label is guaranteed to stand out from the rest. Other artists releasing with Hypnosis Recordings in 2011 are Shakes, SPL, Killswitch, Droid Sector, Boot, Morocha, Matta and more. Chewie Chewie is a Dubstep producer based in Melbourne and is a member of Joint Forces. His tracks are currently being played out in the clubs by some of the biggest names in Dubstep including Reso, Distance, Babylon System, Komanazmuk, Antiserum, Triage and The Bassist, and his tracks have also featured on, and Signed to Subway records, Gamma Audio, Paradise Lost and Requiem Audio, with some huge releases due to drop this year. Chewie's on fire atm and there's plenty more coming.
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