Select*elect feat H.O.S.H & Elon

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    H.O.S.H Diynamic - Hamburg Elon Resolute - Get Physical - Clink - Dumb Unit - New York Ranacat WoM - Select*Elect Spielkamerad Select*Elect - Berlin
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  • TWO RARE UK APPEARANCES NOT TO MISS OUT TONIGHT!!!! Select*Elect is a guestList event only. Please send your names at [email protected] We had a little break from this two amazing parties: -19th February with DAN CURTIN, Tomoki Tamura, Sonartek -23rd July with CATZ N' DOGZ, Rainer, Ranacat, Derfranke. We had a GREAT response from the crowd and we are very pleased to give you more during the upcoming year wth 5 MASSIVE events starting from this one: -25th February with H.O.S.H & ELON, Ranacat, Spielkamerad FB FAN PAGE:!/pages/SelectElect/202477959777026 H.O.S.H. & ELON are two heavy weights of the electronic music world scene, who have gravited far from London in the last year: Select*Elect will bring them back, to take over the big LDN's dancefloor. The date is set, the place not yet to be known, the further step on the path of quality underground dance music done. Select*Elect keeps on providing to the hungry ears of the Londoners the freshest vibes coming from the four corner of the Earth, hosting the best djs in a hidden warehouse where everything's is secret and magic, a place where is enough to be yourself to get in, no VIP crowds, no happy few, just love for good fun and music, given you as a gift with a low entry fee. Your ticket to ride will allow you to dance with H.O.S.H., the elder brother of the Diynamic dinasty, a musical collective from Hamburg. H.O.S.H. is totally devoted to the 4/4 legacy: “music is the only constant thing in my life” as he says. Infact he's a 24/7 dj, promoter and producer, who honours the art of mixing by pushing it to the highest terms in front of enthusiastic crowds such as those of Watergate Berlin, Studio 80 in Amsterdam or Ego in Amburg. H.O.S.H.'s skills are so sharpened and twirled with passion that's there's no surprise in listening his words: “When it comes to producing, making music for me is like cooking - the meal - track gets better the more love you put in.” And he's loving it with all himself. Made with love to be danced, that's the attitude that drove him to release his tracks with the best labels ever such as Kindisch, Get Physical, Supernature, Freerange, Strictly Rhythm and Tsuba. And then came the album, Connceting the Dots, released one year ago but still burning on the turntables, with its featuring with Mistress Barbara, Ost & Kjex, mingled with Moog grooves and housy basslines. When he's not on stage H.O.S.H. Promotes and organizes The Gru_nanlage Festivals a series of electronic dance marathons held for free in northern Germany every summer. Just in case you haven't danced enough during the year. And if you can't get enough, coming from Israel, flying to New York and landing in London there's Elon, a guy fueled by a deep passion for the freshest underground techno sounds. He's a three in a one man show: a dj, producer and nightlife visionary who strongly influenced NYC electronic music scene, since he made his first steps in the Big Apple in 2000. Resident dj for the Resolute Collective, active member of Clink Recordings and Dumb-Unit posse, he's landed to the turntable after sharpening his skills with musical instruments and sound engineering. Sharp eye for detail, fresh attitude, underground roots and hard work shaken all together produced a series of successful releases branded Elon: from his first EP Colombian, to his 2011 work The Time, he hasn't missed a single target and he's worked for the most important underground labels such as Apparel Music, Infant, Sleaze Records and Metroline. Elon's work is surrounded by hype, everybody says he's rocking great. Just in this occasion, do believe the hype as this guy is real, a real pro dj and producer as Jeremy P. Caulfield and Maceo Plex aka Maetrik can confirm after having collaborating with him. Before these two enfant terribles will set on fire Select*Elect dancefloor there will be the Phisical Education hour, a double set for warm yourself up provided by Pablo Rancat and Select*Elect resident Spielkamerad. The first landed in Hackney from Argentina with a luggage full of deep underground disco house vibes, after years spent as vocalist in an experimental band pumped with drum machines and heavy riffs. Once in London he fastly established himself as one of the most interesting djs playing at underground parties such as Exstatic Sounds and in clubs like Ministry of Sound, The End and Acquarium. The second, Spielkamerad came to London to study Music Business Management and couldn't succeed in staying away from the nightlife, he was already enjoying in his town Berlin. So he stepped into djing and last summer he was one of the five finalists at the Mixmag + The Nest's DJ Competition, with his tech-house flavoured with nu-disco.
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