Halloween: Incl. Olene Kadar: Friday.28.10.11: Till 07hrs

  • Venue
    Pand 14
    • Muntbergweg 14, 1011 ED Amsterdam
  • Date
    Fri, 28 Oct 201122:00 - 07:00
  • Promoter
    Theme Events
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    • 2
  • Be afraid. Be very afraid. Something truly evil is stirring in the depths of the Amsterdam underground. Bloodsuckers, you have been warned… HALLOWEEN at PAND 14 is Amsterdam’s scariest Halloween party, touching down for the third time, after rocking Stubnitz and FlexBar. Now we have the perfect location. The location is Pand 14. This amazing venue is located at the Muntbergweg 14, Amsterdam, towards the south of the city, next to highway A9 right across the McDonald’s. It is the perfect location, slightly out of town (see shuttle bus info) meaning that those present will be there for the people, atmosphere and the music. Pand 14 is a unique building; a special space divided over two floors. The main room downstairs is the epicentre, entitled the Bloody Hell Room. This room will have dark and brooding vibes and a powerful soundsystem, which will propel hedonists further into the night. The upstairs room is the Spinnin' Ghost Room. This space has a rotating dancefloor, which will further add to an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Apart from the dresscode, “IT’S HALLOWEEN! SO DRESS LIKE IT…”, both rooms will be decorated in a special Halloween style to make this one of the cities most innovative events. It all kicks of at 22:00 hrs on Friday October 28th and will run until 07:00 hrs in the morning. The music will be brought to you by some of the finest national and international DJ’s with Olene Kadar starring as main Headliner on the night. He will get full support from established names, as well as upcoming artists and producers in the techhouse/techno scene. LINE UP BLOODY HELL ROOM Olene Kadar (Mo's Ferry) is a real talent, someone who has unquestionably achieved his breakthrough in the Amsterdam scene and beyond in the past few years. He has a unique talent to read a room perfectly, carving shimmering sounds that will shake any floor, and with a strong persona that will fit perfectly into this Halloween event; this man is truly awe-inspiring. He has created a real following in the scene, a mixture of music purists as well as party people. Olene is crossing borders with ease and bucketfuls of talent. With productions gaining support from some of the leading figures in house and techno and with Dapayk signing him to Mo’s Ferry in 2008. Olene has a futuristic techno sound, even playing live, and is one of Holland’s nu-breed of talents. Expect a scary full-on session from this talented artist through the subgenres of sound. Mike Ravelli (GZG) With nearly 6 years of DJing behind him, Mike has quickly become a force to be reckoned within the Dutch scene. He has landed prestigious residencies for organisations such as Gasten Zonder Grenzen (GZG), Stalker and others, garnering support from the crowds that matter. Mike’s short careerspan has already seen him play at numerous big festivals and venues around the Netherlands and Europe, rocking events such as Mysteryland, LoveParade, Rockit Festival and clubs such as Ministry of Sound. Expect a journey into the deep at Halloween at Pand 14 on the night. Ille Bitch & Dauphin (Click/XT3 techno radio) Ille Bitch has swapped his native Haarlem underground scene for Amsterdam and is one of Holland’s most popular DJ’s of this moment. With a strong following garnered from many late night sets at afterparties and those clubs where only the bravest dare to venture, his contagious enthusiasm and never ending attention for his fans has made him irreplaceable in the Dutch party scene. Dauphin is one of the colourful DJ’s in the Dutch underground tech-house/techno scene to date. His ear for quality releases and sounds are paying off. This hardworking Amsterdam DJ and is making the gradual climb to the clubs that matter, always with his eye set on this target. National and international parties such as Sensation Innerspace DeLuxe, All is One, Trammeland, House Generation, The Endless Summer and Plastik Mint have seen this talented individual step it up in 2011. Since December 2010 Dauphin is also ‘on air’ at XT3 techno radio presenting their XT3 talents show. Although Ille Bitch & Dauphin normally perform individually, they recently played together at The Endless Summer boat party and at an illegal Park Rave. For this very special and scary Halloween gathering, they will put up a show together once again. Expect some terrifying floor-filling action on the night when these musical maniacs will start challenging each other with their own unique sound! Paul Sparkes (UK) (Floorplay) is at the top of his game in recent years, celebrating 15 years behind the decks in 2010 and going from strength to strength in 2011. His Floorplay parties at Amsterdam’s most chic Club NL have seen the likes of Danny Howells, Omid 16B and many more take control over the turntables. With over ten years of touring the US (including a three week upcoming tour early October) and gigs in Finland, Russia, UK and Israel all crammed into this year (including Ministry of Sound in London) it has been hectic for sure. Verdi (ThemeHouse) is a true music man, a purist, but one who also has his eye firmly on the dance floor. His secret is his style, being “fat groovy party music”; it rocks the dance floor! This talented artist is at home behind the decks, but is also the main organizer of parties such as Full Moon Party and Hole in One. He also promotes events at Amsterdam’s Club Up venue with his ThemeHouse nights. Verdi will show his true range of musical ability at Pand 14 this night. Dexon (InDeep'n'Dance Records) has established himself as a solid DJ/producer over the years. Over a decade of playing in the clubs, Dexon has held residencies in Amsterdam and toured the world playing major clubs in the US, Sweden, Austria, UK, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, Turkey, Malta and Belgium. Dexon also finds time to run InDeep'n'Dance Records’ store and is the founder of three labels, namely Indeep, Molecule Recordings and Subsequent Records. Dexon has also remained true to his roots, still playing vinyl in the clubs and also giving the audience value for money. Sjeroem (De Beat Industrie) was bitten by the house music bug in the early 90’s. He has a perchant for deep grooves, hypnotic melodies and tribal rhythms. His unique choice of records resulted in a win last April in the Haerlemsche DJ contest. Now Sjeroem is rapidly making name in clubs around Haarlem and Amsterdam with the amount of followers growing by the hour. He also promotes his own events mainly in Haarlem, where he is one of the driving forces behind De Beat Industrie in Haarlem’s Lichtfabriek venue and Zolderkolder in Club Stalker. Analog Effect (Studio 80) is the new moniker of Dutch DJ / production duo Jan Boom and Branko van Hilten. As Schaamteloos-DJ’s, they have played almost all dance events in the Netherlands, playing at festivals such as Isla Electronica, We Love Stagefestival and Lief Festival and residencies at Amsterdam’s Panama club and Club NL have ensured this Dutch duo have played alongside many international names. With also tracks released on Pure Substance Records and LuPS Records the guys solidified their name in the scene, and will rock Pand 14 on the night. SPINNIN’ GHOST ROOM Ici Sans Merci (Lazy Sundays) Carving a spot out for yourself in the Amsterdam dance scene is not easy – however, this talent is rapidly making a name to watch out for. He is booked to perform at many of the city’s great underground parties, and his reputation is growing. Chateau Techno and Lazy Sundays are two recent events where Ici Sans Merci has performed, and we look forward to a special show full of energy at Pand 14. Tom Verstappen (The Endless Summer) The journey of this upcoming DJ keeps on continuing. Tom is a hardworking DJ and promoter, who has given Amsterdam some creative and inspiring boat parties with his The Endless Summer events. As a DJ, his melodic and energetic grooves set many floors on fire. Tom really is known for his love for the music and is a name to watch out for in 2012. Roman Nicolai (Mysteryland) His energetic techhouse sound recently saw him play a prestigious booking at the Heineken stage at Mysteryland. This was much-deserved, with Roman rocking the Amsterdam underground scene for some time. His set was very well-received and now he looks forward to performing at Pand 14 with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Thomas Robson (Remote Area Records) is a real hard-working Amsterdam DJ. Thomas is an innovative and creative performer. He is one of those performers who is firmly rooted in the underground while also having the ability to crossover when required, due to his energetic but groovy tech-house. He already performed in various clubs such as Canvas at the 7th, Club NL, Odeon and Supperclub. He has shown great promise in the studio also, releasing a stunning record entitled Starstruck on 2000 and One’s Remote Area label. Pand 14, are you ready for Thomas Robson’s terrifying tech-house? Delicatesse (Chateau Techno) The same is true of every delicacy – you either love or hate it – there can be nothing in between. These ladies create a unique vibe with their deep and sexy blend of techno and tech-house. With a recent booking on Chateau Techno's line-up, these talented newcomers are showing a real growth in the underground scene of Amsterdam. Seeing is believing, tasting is believing, and these girls want you to experience them on Halloween on 28th October. Date & Time The HALLOWEEN at PAND 14 event is the weekend prior to Halloween, Friday 28th October. In addition, we are one of the few events in Amsterdam to have a late license, running from 22:00 hrs right through until 7:00 hrs in the morning. Tickets Tickets are available for this event by visiting www.beatfreax.com or directly at https://www.facebook.com/theme.events?sk=app_172604052767988. We strongly advise you to make use of the Early Bird offer, limited amount available. Transport links There will be a shuttle bus: all night between HALLOWEEN at PAND 14 and Amsterdam Central Station. Pick-up point will be in front of the Ibis hotel. Keep an eye on HALLOWEEN at PAND 14 for schedules nearer to the date. Dress Code IT’S HALLOWEEN! SO DRESS LIKE IT… Please see the pics for inspiration of what to wear on the night. Details at a glance - Name: HALLOWEEN at PAND 14 - Venue: PAND 14, Muntbergweg 14, Amsterdam - Date: Friday, 28 October 2011 - Open: 22:00 hrs – 07:00 hrs - Dress code: IT’S HALLOWEEN! SO DRESS LIKE IT... - Line-up: Bloody Hell Room: OLENE KADAR, MIKE RAVELLI, ILLE BITH & DAUPHIN, PAUL SPARKES (UK), VERDI, DEXON, SJEROEM, ANALOG EFFECT Spinnin' Ghost Room: ICI SANS MERCI, TOM VERSTAPPEN, THOMAS ROBSON, ROMAN NICOLAI, DELICATESSE - Presale: E9 Early Bird (limited amount of tickets available) and E12 Normal, both excluding fee. Wardrobe and toilet fee included. Sales at https://www.facebook.com/theme.events?sk=app_172604052767988 or http://www.beatfreax.com/ - Doorsale: E15. Wardrobe and toilet fee included - Shuttle bus: all night between Pand 14 and Amsterdam Central Station (pick-up point front Ibis Hotel) - Powered by: InDeep'n'Dance Records, ThemeHouse, De Beat Industrie and Dutch Tilt and full support from XT3 techno radio and ZuidWester design - More information: http://www.facebook.com/theme.events
  • Halloween: Incl. Olene Kadar: Friday.28.10.11: Till 07hrs - Flyer front
    Halloween: Incl. Olene Kadar: Friday.28.10.11: Till 07hrs - Flyer back