Cocadisco Stilleben

  • Cocadisco salutes the unorthodox genius of Gothenburg electro label Stilleben with an intimate party starring the original blocky diamond, Luke Eargoggle. As regulars will know, Luke has played Cocadisco several times over the years, and any excuse to have him DJ again is always welcome. This year he's breathed new life into Stilleben with a string of outrageous releases from the likes of Mono Junk (Kim Rapatti), Kobol Electronics, KAN3DA and ERM, and he's also been touring Europe and recording with sad-eyed synthman Bonjour Tristesse. He'll be joined by Cocadisco DJs at this lowkey affair at the Baby Bathhouse in Stoke Newington, keeping things simple like we used to down in The Social. Entrance is free. Poster by Sasha Rozet
  • Cocadisco Stilleben - Flyer front