Kings Of The Sunset

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    Kings of the Sunset
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  • Kings of the Sunset (Mauro and Montefusco) exhaustively searches for the best international dance tracks from slow indie dance to hard hitting progressive house. We want you to know that we will be bringing to you what all the top DJ's from across the world are playing or have played recently. Our selection for the 17th and 22nd will feature a set that will have you sexy aggressive lounging (ya know, tilted head, pursed lips, seated head bob, approving squinty eyes, occassional "eewww" or "oh my") when you walk in only to catapult you into high energy club bangingness as the night advances (uhhh, like, frolicking goombas, best friends doing the "goat", this guy named Mustafa so deftly 360 spin moving from point a to point b without you realizing in what he calls his trance special) To the people who say they don't like techno and use that as a reason not to spend time with us :). You will be extremely pleased at how misleading pop culture is and how you can relate to the "underground". Every time we translate fun, drink, and dance into language everyone can understand. Come travel with us ... love the Kings of the Sunset
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