Tigercat and Pixel Memory

  • TIGERcat was formed in 2009 and is based out of San Francisco, CA. The main collaborators are Natasha Adorlee Johnson and Alan Aronoff. The self-titled EP is the first release from TIGERcat. It features five songs including their single, Weighed Down. The group’s musical focus is indie dance and electronica pop. TIGERcat’s live performances involve synchronized visuals, projections, and lights, which are triggered by the band’s movement and playing of their instruments. TIGERcat recently started a broadcast channel on the Kyte TV Network and has a strong Internet following. They are a sought after band and have been tapped for remixes and collaborations to come in the future. Pixel Memory is a live electronic trio based in San Francisco, California (Lisa Greyson- vocals; Austin Fraser- keyboard, electronics, production; Joe Gray- drums). Their sound combines elements of house, disco, and glam, drawing inspiration from Goldfrapp, Moroder, and Strictly Rhythm records from the mid 90’s. In the live setting, dancefloor-primed productions combine with hypnotic live vocals and pounding drums, fusing the organic and the technological. Like binary blood cells underneath silicone skin. Like a Nexus-6, crying in the rain.
  • Tigercat and Pixel Memory - Flyer front