Concrete Music presents: Jaymo & Andy George

  • â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„ ★ ♫ Jaymo & Andy George ♫ ★ Their performances have won them an army of fans, most notably in the form of super-producer Kissy Sell Out - who nominated them as his favourite new DJs as part of the BBC Introducing Tour 2008. In April, Jaymo & Andy became two of the youngest people to ever record a live Essential Mix for Radio 1 - quickly catching the attention of the stations bosses. Fast forward four months and the duo have their very own show on Radio 1, and prepare to take their sound global! Crafted with the sole intention of fronting the world’s coolest music, the show promises to be as fun and unpredictable as their rumbustious DJ sets! â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„â–„ ★ INFO: ★ Saturday 1st October 9pm - 2am The Registry, Portsmouth Funktion One sound system with extra bass £2.10 Selected Pints