Washing Machine - I Remember House

  • bestworks presents! Washing Machine! (Larry Heard! - Mr.Fingers.....) please come and celebrate "The House" that "Jack" built! this is our 9th annual "Washing Machine" dj night Berlin. House music all night long... Washing Machine salutes to the oldschool, to the party and how it went down before there were beatports, ipods, handycams - when beats dropped from 2 mks and a mixer and the master of ceremony hyped up the crowd. when people who intended to have a drink or two ended up in a club screaming their hearts out for no other reason than the party. during our last "washing machine" party we overheard this little conversation between two WM regulars; we just couldn´t resist to share this- enjoy ! "Dreamgirl, rise from your grave, take some time out. Can you feel it? Can't forget when we used to play, you used to hold me, don't you want it?" "Gipsy man, love can't turn around, you can't touch me, can't forget your only friend." "Sometimes I feel like this seven day weekend, erotic illusions." "Salsa life beyond the clouds." "Time marches on, no way back, let it take control!" "Fuk Dat!!" "Get crazy, let the Music use you, lets get busy!" "Together? As one?" "R U Hot Enough?" well - we guess "that´s the way love is" see y´all @ kater holzig on the 2nd of october!!!
  • Washing Machine - I Remember House - Flyer front