Fountain Of Youth: Shaun Reeves, Konrad Black, &Me

  • SOMEWHERE among the deepest forests in the most distant corners of the earth there is a fountain. This is not your ordinary fountain, the legend says that it carries magical water of mystical powers. Wondrous things are said to occur to one that drinks from it. On October 15th, we invite the fine society to come join our joyful second installment, this time within the labyrinths of Stattbad, and have a sip from the legendary Fountain Of Youth. Who knows what magic waters the Fountain will carry this time... Visual Artists: Karges Land Felix the Cat PERFORMANCE ART in the bathtub section: "NIGHTENTITY UNLIMITED" Lukubration von Bernd Damovsky - Decorations / Lights: Symbionten
  • Fountain Of Youth: Shaun Reeves, Konrad Black, &Me - Flyer front