Sprawl Meets Scuba

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    Scuba (Hotflush Recordings), Kazuaki Suzuki (version city session, material), RYUMA (ILLCOM+), HISAOMI (A-BASS) VJ: LAFgLAF Information: 052-243-5077 (Club About)
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  • SCUBA (Hot Flush Recordings, SUB:STANCE) Scuba is the production and DJ alias of Paul Rose, the curator of one of the original dubstep labels, Hotflush Recordings, which released some of the most important tracks of the genre’s formative period and has grown into a leading player in the wider world of electronic music. A celebrated and influential DJ, he was voted #25 in Resident Advisor’s 2011 poll of the world’s Top 100 DJs. Originally from London, Scuba relocated to Berlin in 2007, a move which (according to some) influenced his critically acclaimed debut album, A Mutual Antipathy (2008). The stylistic synergy of the album cemented his position as one of the most forward-thinking dubstep producers. The project was subsequently completed with a series of remixes by Surgeon, Substance, Jamie Vex’d, Martyn, Marcel Dettmann and the artist himself under his SCB guise. His second album, Triangulation, was released on Hotflush in March 2010 to universal plaudits, and was recognised in numerous end-of-year best album lists including Popmatters, Resident Advisor, and Data Transmission. An amalgamation of disparate styles, from house to experimental drum n bass, the album has been noted as a landmark in the genre-blurring trend of contemporary dance music. Something of a studio obsessive, he has also recently remixed artists including Sistol, Fever Ray and Will Saul, and developing the house/techno focussed SCB project under which he has released several remixes and original tracks, including Down Moment on Ostgut Ton’s landmark Funf compilation, and a forthcoming 12” on the AUS Music label. In addition to A&R and production duties, he also runs the massively successful SUB:STANCE night at the legendary Berlin club Berghain, the sound of which he committed to plastic in a DJ mix released on Ostgut Ton in January 2010.
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