Another 1-Off Party with The Idjut Boys

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  • Another One?! They say never return to a lit firework. Frankly, discoballs to that! The last Idjut Boys party was such a flaming cracker of a doo, we are just going to have to doo it… ALL. OVER. AGAIN! The Boys Are Back In Town Yes that’s right – thanks to the great crowd who travelled from far and wide, and thanks to the brilliant anything-goes party atmosphere that night, Dan and Conrad have jumped at the chance to perform for us all once more at the cave-tastic Brit Club – a venue which exceeded everybody’s expectations last spring. After the last Brit party, everybody who came told us we had to put on another one….and everyone who wanted to come but couldn’t told us they wished that they had been there. So this party is for all of you. Another chance to be part of a truly memorable night. To miss something like this twice could be seen as careless… The Idjut Boys. The Brit Club. October 8th. Let the countdown begin. Much love, The Party Organisers